AskChina: Is South China Sea power politics between two world powers?

In response to questions and concerns, CCTVNEWS invited Zhao Xiaozhuo, the director of the Center of China-US Defense Relations at the Academy of Military Science, to discuss the South China Sea dispute and the presence of the US in the South China Sea. According to Zhao, it is unfair to treat China and the US equally in terms of the South China Sea issue, because geographically the South China Sea can be viewed as the south gate of China, and the US is a country far away. Despite its distance the US sends troops to challenge China’s security and sovereignty. So China has “no room to stand back”, because it has to safeguard its territory and its national interests. For this reason Zhao thinks people should think of the US as aggressive and provocative, and China as defensive. “So we cannot treat them equally”, says Zhao.

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