AskChina: Will there be another Tu Youyou?

After Tu Youyou became the first Chinese to win the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine last year, there has been a growing debate in the country over what it would take for another Chinese researcher to win the award.
While many are hopeful given the advancements that are taking place in the country, there are a significant number of people who tend to have a pessimistic view on this.
They believe that there’s a gap between China and developed countries in terms of scientific research conditions, which is leading to promising talents moving overseas.
But the situation is changing. China has been making more efforts in the past few years to attract highly-skilled workers.
One such initiative is the “1,000 People Plan”, which provides benefits to encourage overseas talents, either of Chinese origin or not, to come to China to conduct research.
Watch this video to see how China is planning to attract global talents.

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