Assignment Asia Episode 29: Traditions

This week on the show, we look into some traditions in Asia that have endured for centuries, and the people who keep them alive.

In Pakistan and other parts of South Asia, it is a custom for women to wear glass bangles. Yet little is known about the painstaking work behind manufacturing the traditional ornament, which exposes laborers to extreme temperatures and does not pay them enough. Danial Khan traveled to the city of Hyderabad, the world’s second largest glass bangle producer, and met factory workers who could barely make their lives better.

With almost seven centuries of history, oil wrestling is not only Turkey’s national sport, but also a craft Turkish men aspire to perfect through rigid training. It is a battle where the victors are celebrated as heroes. Natalie Carney followed a family of wrestlers as they prepared for the country’s biggest tournament, and saw why for them, it’s more than just about winning.

Animal rights advocates condemn it, but cockfighting has been going on in the Philippines for centuries, with rich and poor people placing their bets. Barnaby Lo visited cockfighting arenas in Manila, and spoke with people who are willing to gamble it all despite the uncertainty of getting returns.

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