Assignment Asia Episode 31: Migrants

This week’s edition of Assignment Asia puts the spotlight on migrants, people who left their hometowns and countries in search of a better life.

Thailand has about 3 million migrant workers, and many of them have children who could not go to school. Lacking documents and unable to speak Thai, some migrant children do not have access to a formal education, and are at risk of abuse and exploitation. But at one construction camp in Bangkok, children are getting an education in an unlikely place: a shipping container. Martin Lowe visited the camp to see what migrant children are learning inside a box.

Life is never easy for migrant workers, who had to leave their loved ones at home to earn a living. But some workers in Israel face more than that, living in squalor and not getting the compensation and benefits due them. Stephanie Freid investigated the conditions of migrant workers in Israel, where labor laws are in place but are often not being followed.

Hundreds of thousands of foreigners work in Hong Kong as domestic helpers. They left their own homes to serve and care for others, sometimes under abusive employers. But one of them has a different story. Barnaby Lo traveled to Hong Kong to meet a migrant worker who found her calling in photography, landed a prestigious scholarship because of it, and used it to tell the stories of her fellow migrants.

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