Assignment Asia Episode 33: Preservation

Preserving what remains of the past is a challenging task in modern times. This week on Assignment Asia, we feature efforts by different groups to restore structures that have deteriotated through time or were destroyed by disaster.
In Beijing, many hutong or courtyard communities that have survived for centuries are experiencing wear and tear. An architecture firm has taken on the task of renovating them using low-cost materials, while maintaining their cultural value. But as Wang Mangmang reports, though some residents have embraced it, others are resisting change.
The city of Lahore in Pakistan is home to majestic mosques, palaces, and other structures that reflect a rich history and culture. But apathy and neglect have led them to a state of disrepair. Danial Khan visited some of the crumbling historical structures, and looked into efforts by government and experts to bring them back to their old glory.
A massive earthquake flattened many parts of Nepal in April 2015. Yet some structures survived, particularly those made of native materials like earth and bamboo. A local company is now advocating the use of those materials to rebuild houses and communities. Pearly Jacob reports.

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