Assignment Asia Episode 38: Innovation

This week’s edition of Assignment Asia explores innovations in the world’s largest continent and the forces behind them.

In Bangladesh, various groups are working to spread the use of digital technology to some of the country’s poorest communities. A school teaches software programming and robotics to children of an ethnic minority, while bicycle-riding women travel to the countryside to give rural residents access to modern technologies. Taimoor Sobhan met some Bangladeshi technology enthusiasts who are on a mission to spark a digital revolution in their country.

Hong Kong dumps tens of thousands of garbage every day, and each resident there generates more trash than people in some major cities in the world. That gives the densely populated city a headache, especially as landfill space is running out. Li Jiejun looked into Hong Kong’s growing waste problem and the solutions people are proposing.

Many people in China are embracing modern technologies as they spread to the far reaches of the world’s second largest economy. But one couple has gone the other way: turning their backs on a modern lifestyle and creating almost everything they need to live all on their own. Assignment Asia traveled to Shandong province to meet the couple, and witnessed how they have turned their lives into an experiment in self-sufficiency.

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