Assignment Asia Episode 43: Ageing Asia

The global society is ageing. The UN estimates that in 2050, more than 2 in 10 people worldwide will be at least 60 years old. But what happens to those in their so-called twilight years?

This episode looks into two cases in Asia.

In the Central Asian country of Kyrgyzstan, the picture is far from rosy. Many elderly people live alone, left by their families seeking economic opportunities abroad, while government is unable to provide adequate support. But as Michal Bardavid reports, a group funded by international donors has stepped in to care for and support Kyrgyzstan’s elderly.

The situation in Singapore is different. An increasing number of senior citizens there are still employed instead of staying at home and being cared for. They help cushion the economic impact of the city-state’s ageing population. Miro Lu spoke with a man in his late 60’s about why he is postponing his retirement, and asked experts how this trend is affecting Singapore’s economy.

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