Assignment Asia Episode 46: Taking New Paths

From settling in another country to changing or leaving careers, this week’s stories are about people who took a leap of faith and embraced new paths in life.

Lying at the crossroads of Asia and Europe, Georgia enjoys an abundance of agricultural land. But productivity has been low–until farmers from India’s Punjab state came into the picture. Leaving their hometown behind, the Indian farmers had to adjust to a new environment and culture, and face opposition from some locals. But as Natalie Carney reports from Georgia’s Kakheti region, the migrants have improved their lives and become assets to Georgia’s economy.

With a booming clubbing scene, the Indian capital has found itself in need of able-bodied men to ensure security. Traditional wrestlers from the countryside have become a source of manpower. Jyothy Karat tells the story of one man who seized the opportunity: a wrestler who once dreamed of becoming an Olympian and is now a towering figure safeguarding New Delhi’s night life.

More than two-thirds of Chinese women are employed. They belong to a generation that places big importance on having a job, so much so that staying at home to raise a family is often viewed as a waste of time. But an increasing number of Chinese women are doing just that. Jennifer Bragg met some of China’s ‘stay-at-home’ moms.

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