Assignment Asia Episode 48: Young Blood in Sports

In time for the opening of the 2016 Olympics, Assignment Asia features some promising Asians who got an early start in sports.

India just sent its first female gymnast to the Olympics. 22-year-old Dipa Karmakar stunned her country by perfecting the Produnova vault, often called the “vault of death” because of its difficulty. Jyothy Karat met Dipa as she prepared for the 2016 Games, and traced her roots in the town of Agartala, where she started training at 8.

Chinese athletes are known for starting to train at a young age, as well as their discipline and will to get to the top. One girl in Beijing is a fine example of that. Fei Ye witnessed the rigorous training that 9-year-old Zhou Siyu has to go through to excel in ping pong.

Badjaos are a sea-dwelling tribe in Southeast Asia who live in poverty and face discrimination. But at a city in the Philippines, the local government is turning their natural ability and stamina in the water as a ticket to sports success. Cheryl Boholano shows us how Cebu City is training Badjao children to become professional swimmers.

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