Assignment Asia: Indias Girl Town

Notes from the Editor: ‘Communities’ episode

Communities are all about helping one another or coming together in good times and in bad. On this episode of Assignment Asia, we take a closer look at how different communities are protecting themselves, preparing themselves or celebrating themselves.

First, in the small South Pacific island nation of Tuvalu, we see firsthand how sea levels are a threat to the local population – but it’s not stopping Tuvaluans from enjoying life. Then we go to Japan, a place that is no stranger to earthquakes, including the one in 2011, which led to a catastrophic tsunami. We meet scientists and experts who are developing ways to minimize damage to Japan’s buildings if such an event happens again. Finally, we travel to India, where we find the touching story of a village that is not only proud of its baby girls, but dedicates itself to celebrating them.

We hope you enjoy this episode.

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