Aus-China-US joint military drill ends

This is the second time the trilateral exercise has taken place, this year involving 30 soldiers and marines working closely together in the hot and dry Northern Territory wild.

The 30 military personnel include 10 from the Australian Army, 10 from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, 5 from the U.S. Army and 5 from the U.S. Marine Corp.

“We come here to look at what has been a particularly successful activity. The aims of the activity have been to develop trust, cooperation and friendship. I think it’s fair to say without these three important things we just can’t get to understand what we need to work together well in the region. KOWARI is a fantastic opportunity for our soldiers to get together to suffer through adversity and come together. It’s really pull together as teams.”

Divided into three groups, each containing a mix of nationalities, the participants first received training at the North West Mobile Force, a Regional Force Surveillance Unit of the Australian Army in Darwin.

And they were then deployed to an inland camp in the Daly River region, where they learned fire making, hunting, trapping, finding water and making shelter.

The participants were then put in the wild without food or water for survival training for five days, three in inland area and two in coastal area.

“The joint military exercise helps to build cooperation, friendship and trust among the three armies.

SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): Pan Kongbin, Captain from the Chinese Army
“Soldiers from different countries have different ways of working and thinking. They have lived and worked together for two weeks. The greatest thing of this exercise is that they forge friendship and trust.”

The KOWARI trilateral joint military exercise inaugurated in 2014 with the same scale.

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