Auspicious lanterns presage Chinese Spring Festival in central Mexico

Lanterns shaped as auspicious flowers and animals were installed on the street in Mexico’s central state of Aguascalientes on January 1 to foster atmosphere for China’s lunar calendar New Year, or the Spring Festival, which falls on February 8.

(Soundbite) Giovanni Guerrero Ramos, Designer
“Frogs represent good luck, and pandas symbolize excellence of life, gentleness and docility.”

All together 170 lanterns on the so-called Cultural Alameda Corridor were expected to help the local Mexicans share Chinese culture and strengthen the ties between the two peoples.

(Soundbite) Hector Anaya Perez, Public Service Official
“This is a little out of step with our calendar. For them, the New Year begins on February 8, but from a month earlier their celebrations begin with such rituals.”

A booming automotive industry has made Aguascalientes one of the most developed states of Mexico, where local Chinese community plays a constructive role and leads a thriving life.

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