Australia disrupts global drug cartel

Australian authorities have arrested four duel nationals from Mexico and Nigeria, aged between 35-years and 60-years old, for attempting to import 140 kilograms of methamphetamine hidden inside in 11 diesel generators from Mexico.

The drugs that had a street value of approximately 59 million U.S. dollars were hidden inside the generators in a bid to thwart the x-ray screening process at Sydney’ s container port.

While Mexican cartels had infiltrated Australia before with cocaine, local authorities said due to living in a globalized world, they now realize the potential profits that can me made by smuggling methamphetamine into Australia, as the tyranny of distance no longer applies.

Global shipping rates are suffering their longest and deepest downturn due to chronic overcapacity as new freight ships commissioned during the boom times – prior to 2008 – begin to come on line, despite global trade volumes still remaining subdued.

Australian authorities are working closely with their partners in other jurisdictions, including Mexico and the United States in the ongoing investigation that has yet to arrest members of the cartel outside of Australia.

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