Baby of lesbian couple gets passport with both names

Lizbeth Martínez and Laura Hernández werelegally married two years ago before adopting a little girl, who now carries both their last names. The girl, from Ciudad Juarez in Chihuahua, has now received the first Mexican passport, allowing the child of a lesbian couple to have both their names.

(SOUNDBITE,Spanish) Lizbeth Martinez, lesbian co-parent
“We are a frontier city, having a passport was necessary. The reason we wanted to stand out as lesbian family is because we want to send a message of hope to other children. Your children can carry both the mothers’ last names, can get a Mexican passport, and can access social security. We are doing all that.”

The two women were the first couple of the same sex that the Mexican Family Integral Development Bureau found apt to adopt a child, also making them the first legal lesbian family.

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