Bags made of plastic trash in Ghana

Plastic wastes have long been very hard to be disposed world wide.

The problem is outstanding particularly in developing countries lack of waste treatment technology.

In Ghana, a country generating over 4,000 tonnes of solid waste a day, a recycling company is doing a valuable attempt.

Plastic bags have been put into limited use in many countries because they are not biodegraded, or do not decay in simple words.

Trashy Bags, a recycling company in Ghana, have found a new use of these plastic trash, turning them into new bags.

The company chose a very common plastic waste in Ghana streets, drinking waster sachets.

About 70 used water schets can be made into a new bag that can hold up to 18 kilos.

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“The whole idea is that we all see the problems especially with recycling that we have and also that is creating big problem for the environment. So we think the future is about recycling.”

So far, Trashy Bags have developed a series of products made of plastic wastes, from shopping bags, backpacks, cases, to purses and laptop sleeves.

Kwame Acheampong, chief designer of the company, has worked for Trashy for eight years.

He has a team now.

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“We have research department that we always think about Ghana waste and then go out there to search the waste and bring it and discuss with the design team and plan a suitable design for the material, so we always plan about Ghana waste and try to come up with nice designs to use it for fashionable things.”

Established in 2007, Trashy Bags have grown into a company with more than 40 employees.

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