Bai ethnic Celebrates Torch festival in SW china

Now let’s go to Dali in southwest China’s Yunnan Province, where Bai ethnic group have celebrated annual torch festival.

Torches have again lit up the sky of Xizhou County of Dali Bai Autonomous prefecture in Yunnan, as people of Bai ethnic group are celebrating the Torch Festival.

The festival falls on the 25th day of the sixth Chinese lunar month.

On this day, Bai people gather for a ritual, of which a 9-meter torch would be burned down into many smaller torches.

They will strive to get a piece as this is an auspicious sign.

The torches will be used to drive away evil spirits around people’s houses.

On and around the festival, Bai people gather together and participate for festive traditions, such as shopping in the open market fair, bull fighting, dancing, and a firework display.

The festival has a history of more than 1,300 years.

It’s the second most important festival for Bai ethnic, after the Chinese Lunar New Year.

In the past, it is also a good opportunity for young men and women to meet their future spouses.

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