Barber shop in Buenos Aires filled with memorabilia of Beatles

Are you a fan of the Beatles?
Well, if so, come to the barber shop in Buenos Aires, get a haircut, and have some taste of vintage at the same time.
(Soundbite) Gerardo Weiss, Hairdresser and Beatles Collector
“Now I live in a paradise of the Beatles. I think I am fulfilled with all the love I have.”
It is a mini-museum rather than a hair-dressing location, as full-range memorabilia fills the house.
Even the towel over a customer’s chest is something worthy of marveling at.
(Soundbite) Gerardo Weiss, Hairdresser and Beatles Collector
“Everyone doubts my will, but I go ahead with this, because it is a dream for me to unite my two passions: the Beatles and hairdressing.
Yes, you don’t have to worry, Weiss is a Beatles fan and good hair-cutter combined into one.
You will get your favorite style before you leave the place of memory and idolatry.

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