Bartenders make daiquiri frappe to mark birthday of reputable bar in Havana

Bartenders from six countries on July 14 made their own versions of daiquiri frappe to commemorate the 199th anniversary of the most famous bar in Havana, El Floridita.

(Soundbite) Mirtha Gonzalez, Cuban Bartender and Competitor
“It is one of the most consumed cocktails created by Constantino Ribalaiva, since he became owner of El Floridita in 1918. He looked for something to distinguish this place and make it unique. With the help of an ice machine, he created daiquiri frappe.”

This had been the eighth consecutive year for global bartenders to flash their knacks at the birthplace of daiquiri frappe, where American writer Ernest Hemingway frequented during his long stay in the island nation.

(Soundbite) Nick Dietrich, U.S. Bartender and Competitor
“This competition is a celebration of the bar that has been here this long and part of that is honoring the tradition and making of those drinks the way they are made. I think the way to win is really to exercise poise and grace as well as dedication that you see here every day when you come to have a drink.”

Competitors from Canada, Panama, Argentina, Mexico, the United States and Cuba prepared the house drinks with lemon juice, ice, rum and sugar, plus a little bit of their own choices of other ingredients.

El Floridita was opened on July 6, 1817, surviving all the way until becoming a symbol of the Cuban culture.

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