Beijing Mayor: Winter Olympics public opinion poll made by third party entrusted by IOC

Beijing’s mayor Wang Anshun has refuted claims that the Chinese public are unenthusiastic about the Winter Olympics, saying a public opinion poll showed a more than 90 percent support.

The mayor says the poll was not conducted by the Chinese government but by a third-party company entrusted by the International Olympic Committee.

Some foreign media reported that Chinese public opinion was at odds with the fervor for the Games presented in local media.

But what did residents in Beijing and neighboring Zhangjiakou say about that?

“Beijing has once again won the bid to host the Olympic Games. As a Beijing resident, I wanna say ‘Congratulations, Beijing. Congratulations, China.'”

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): XU CHAO, Beijing resident
“I am so proud of Beijing as a Chinese. All our fellowmen are celebrating this historic moment. We’ve been through the 2008 Olympics and seven years later, we will do our bit for the 2022 Olympics.”

SOUNDBITE: Zhangjiakou citizen
“As a Zhangjiakou citizen, I definitely support the event. It will bring benefits to our city’s economy. As a tourism city, Zhangjiakou is capable of receiving a large number of foreigners.”

SOUNDBITE: Zhangjiakou citizen
“The Winter Olympics can bring us more blue skies and convenient public transport. It can also spur the local economy, tourism and food services. I like skiing and I’ll watch the game on site. “

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