Beijing to charge emitters of PM2.5-forming pollutants

Beijing will begin to charge emitters of pollutants that cause the rise of PM2.5 in the atmosphere.

Manufacturers of furniture, petrochemicals, automobiles, and printers will be subject to the charge from October, which is aimed at reducing the density of volatile organic compounds, or VOCs in the air.

SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): ZHENG ZAIHONG, Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau
“VOCs are emitted by a diverse array of sources, including industrial production, automobiles, and home refurbishment. This time, the charge for VOCs emitters are done on a trial basis, starting from industrial production.”

VOCs can form hazardous particles known as PM2.5, which was the main cause for the occasional smog in Beijing in the past years.

Entities will be charged 10 to 40 yuan per kg of discharged gas if their VOC emissions exceed the city’s limit.

The fees are higher than the treatment cost for the polluters.

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