Belt and Road in Big Data E1: Parcels from faraway place

In 2013, Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, calling for reviving the ancient trading road and maritime route to link countries across Asia and Europe.

Last year, China built 10,000 tariff-free distribution centers to process goods coming from around the world, including the Belt and Road countries. The Chinese government has also taken steps to ease tariffs, enhance cross-border e-commerce, build FTAs, and encourage exports and imports.

Everyday 3 million couriers shuttle back and forth to deliver thousands of parcels coming from all over the world. Their journey is tracked by 19 satellites in space.

What specifically is there in those overseas parcels sent to China? What’s the largest and most efficient container terminal in the world? Which is among the busiest and vital shipping routes in the world? Do you know the name of the international cargo train that travels the longest distance in the whole world?

Follow our reporter Ouyang Xiadan in CCTV’s special coverage of the Belt and Road, as we use big data to explain the stories from countries along the Belt and Road.

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