Benevolent crowd rescues woman trapped under vehicle in 30 seconds

Dozens of passersby sprang in to help a senior who was pinned down under a minivan in a moving display of compassion and solidarity .

The incident took place in Guangzhou, south China’s Guangdong Province, where an 80-year-old woman found herself under the wheels of a vehicle, unconscious and bleeding. Witnesses rushed for help, joining hands to lift the van and recover the elderly woman in just thirty seconds.

The video clip, shot by an onlooker, shows the collective effort that rescuers put into saving the victim from the danger zone. A security guard at a nearby primary school was the first to call on the crowd for assistance; he was then followed by some policemen, builders and motorists who immediately chipped in. Medical workers transferred the woman to the hospital, where she was treated. An investigation of the incident is underway.

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