Big Ben to shut down for 4 months for full refurbishment

The Big Ben clock has to shut down for four months for a “full refurbishment” in order to keep the famous “bongs” sounding, according to a report.
As much as 29.2 million pound sterlings have been proposed for fixing the 156-year-old big clock.
The repair work aims to solve the chronic problems with the bearings behind the hands and the pendulum.
Metal erosion, cracks in the roof as well as other structural deficiencies also need caring. Experts say just a clock-hand failure could take an entire year to repair because of the scaffolding needed.
If the fixing work is not carried out in the following two to three years, there will be a high possibility of a clock mechanism failure, which might damage the Parliament building’s international reputation.
The planned shutdown this time around is believed to be the longest repair-inflicted stoppage. Back in 1976, the clock stopped for a total of 26 days within a period of nine months.
Members of Parliament said the clock has to be taken care of immediately.

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