Bike path for Rio Olympics collapses, kills two

The new elevated bike path for the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro kept sealed on April 22, after it collapsed one day earlier and killed at least two people.

(Soundbite) ANTONIO EULÁRIO, Bridge Specialist
“The lifting force exceeded the reaction force, so it collapsed. … (More specifically) the considerable force from the waves led to the crash of the structure.”

According to government officials, a powerful wave swept up a rocky cliff, lifted a 50-meter stretch of the bike path and sent it plunging onto the rocks and sea below.

(Soundbite) ANTONIO EULÁRIO, Bridge Specialist
“I think there was failure in preparing the executive project. This will be confirmed only by expertise and investigations about calculation, design and coordination of all the parts.”

A third person was thought to be missing after the accident on the Tim Maia bike path, which was built alongside the Niemeyer Avenue and opened in January to link up with two other older sections.

Running for 3.9 kilometers, the cycling path cost the city 12.6 million U.S. dollars.

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