Bilateral co-op highlighted by abundance of Chinese products at Cuba fair

From heavy-duty vehicles to high-end robots, from television sets to washing machines, the products made in China almost dominated the annual Industrial Fair and Exhibition of Cuba starting on June 21 in Havana.

(Soundbite) Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology of China
“China and Cuba are at different development phases. Chinese enterprises have their own technology and products, which just cater to the current demands of Cuba. I think the Chinese government will support its enterprises to expand their business in Cuba.”

Over 30 Chinese firms were present at the week-long fair, a sign for both sides to further develop their ties in the industrial, transportation, textile, electronic and technology sectors.

(Soundbite) Salvador Pardo, Minister of Industries of Cuba
“The industrial development of Cuba is linked to China, because it is a strategic country. We have had a working session for more than two hours with the industrial minister China, where we have reviewed different projects. Obviously they will play and are already playing an important role in the industrial development of Cuba.”

According to the minister, Havana has been searching to update its socialist model, while looking to China as a vital and strategic partner to develop its outdated industries and sustain a win-win relation with Chinese firms.

(Soundbite) Longchuan Yang, CEO of Beijing North Star
“We have cooperated with Cuba since 2013. We have been focusing on the Latin American market. Cuba is our largest market in Latin America. We also have branches in the Dominican Republic and Venezuela.”

China is currently Cuba’s second economic partner right behind Venezuela.

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