Bogota embraces third Bike Day this year for more oxygen, less pollution

The start-off of the green-jacket contingent inaugurated the third Bike Day this year for Bogota, capital of Colombia, on Tuesday, which featured prohibition of motorized vehicles and enhancement of air quality for environmental and health benefits.

(Soundbite) OLGA LUCIA SOLANO, Bike Day Participant
“An important part of the march is to help reduce vehicle emissions and discourage car use somehow. A whole day of cycling will greatly reduce the damage of the ozone layer and protect the environment. It guarantees more oxygen and Bogota are less polluted this day.”

The participants came from various ecological movements, public entities and organizations that took much care of the planet and the people living on it.

(Soundbite) GUALLAL LEONARDO, Bike Day Participant
“It’s good for our physical condition, such as heart and body. And the most important thing is to benefit the climate change, protect our eastern hills of wetlands and ensure a better quality of urban life.”

According to official figures, the Bike Day movement has contributed a lot to the environmental awareness in Bogota and a fourth one this year is expected to be held in December.

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