Brazil celebrates 194 years of independence

The Independence of Brazil is one of the most important historical events in the country, as it marks the end of Portuguese rule and the achievement of political autonomy.

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Brazil increased pressure to free itself of the commercial monopoly imposed by Portugal.

The Brazilian agrarian and commercial elites wanted economic freedom to be able to expand trade. This freedom would only come with the independence of the country.

A number of prior attempts for independence took place, with many people dying in the quest for this ideal. Finally Pedro, the former King of Portugal who had fled to Brazil before falling out with his former country, declared “Independence or Death” on September 7, 1822, marking the Independence of Brazil.

In December 1822, Pedro was declared emperor.

A parade celebrates this historic date every year.

Soundbite COLONEL MARIO MEDINA – Eastern Military Command
“September 7th sees our independence celebrated throughout Brazil. Each state capital across the country sees the same ceremony taking place, with the same meaning, the same connotation.”

The event in Rio de Janeiro began around 10 am on Wednesday, with the lighting of a flame, representing the will of the people and armed forces.

4,300 soldiered paraded in front of a cheering public for this patriotic holiday. The country’s recent Olympic medalists were also included in proceedings.

The military has enjoyed a link to Olympic glory through a program to develop young athletic talents that has begun to bear serious fruit.

Soundbite COLONEL MARIO MEDINA – Eastern Military Command
“We have a program of high-performance military athletes across all three forces, Navy, Army and Air Force. Through this program, we make our contribution to national sport. We saw a significant result in the number of medals won by Brazil this year, and look forward to contributing with the same program for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.”

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