Brazilian coach Luxembourg trains Chinese soccer team in Sao Paulo

Navy blue jerseys glistened under the Brazilian sunlight, as Tianjin Quanjian, a second division team of China, was trained by star coach and former Real Madrid manager Vanderlei Luxembourg in Sao Paulo during the first week of 2016.

Luxembourg was signed as manager of Tianjin Quanjian last September and was now leading its pre-season training, apparently with much confidence for its forthcoming scenario.

Luxembourg told reporters that he would leave a legacy by bringing his know-how to the Chinese team.

His own rally of nutritionist, physiotherapist and other professionals would join hands to help Tianjin Quanjian become a better team.

Tianjin Quanjian spent a lot buying Luxembourg as well as Brazil’s international stars Luis Fabiano and Jadson Rodrigues da Silva.

It was then highlighted as one of the forerunners among Chinese clubs to cash in on overseas talents.

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