Brazilian “MIB” mobilized to safeguard Olympic Games

Men in Black, but they are not against alien intruders.

The video was released this week to show how the special forces of Brazil were mobilized two weeks ago for emergency landing against any irregular occurrence at the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in August in Rio de Janeiro.

(Soundbite) Jose Antonio Sazdijian, Commander
“It consists of several exercises we normally do. The team will be coached in the operating environment where the Olympic Games will be held.”

Fourteen helicopters and 160 soldiers participated in the demonstration in the heartland of the city.

(Soundbite) Guilherme Colombo, Commander
“The improvement of our work is constant both for us and for other agencies fighting terrorism. We are sharing knowledge with other countries facing such problems.”

Codenamed “Operation Sugar Loaf,” the initiative sought to recognize the strategic points of the city, acclimate the military from other states and simulate approaches that might be adopted in case of a threat in the upcoming games.

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