Brazil’s Central Bank launches commemorative coins for Olympics

In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Central Bank got underway with producing the fourth set of nine coins to commemorate Rio’s 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Designed to bring the commemorative soul of the Olympic Games to the audience, the coins first appeared around 480 B.C. and in the modern Games they made an appearance in 1951. In Brazil, a gold coin, four silver ones and four for common circulation have been launched.

(SOUNDBITE) – Agemar Santos, Director of Institutional and Governmental Relations Rio 2016
“A coin represents a society, a people. One of the biggest assets that a nation has is its currency.For us, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee, it was very important to restore this commemorative coin tradition that was a little dormant in Brazil.”

The gold coin, which will cost 2.5 U.S. dollars, honors Cristo Redentor and the Olympic torch. The silver coins, worth 1.2 U.S. dollars each, commemorate Rio de Janeiro.

On one side there are landscapes where local athletestrain for sports such as rowing, cycling and beach volleyball. On the other side of the coins, they show cultural aspects and nature from the city and Brazil such as a butterfly , trees, the Municipal Theatre, samba. These images respectively fall into four categories: fauna, flora, architechture and music.

The commemorative coins are a keepsake and an investment. Las monedas conmemorativas son un recuerdo y una inversión. As time passes after Brazil’s Games, the coins will obtain greater sentimental and monetary worth. They are memories that are worth gold, literally.

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