Brazil’s former president Lula named cabinet member

Brazilian former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been named chief of staff for President Dilma Rousseff’s cabinet, the president said on Wednesday.

At a press conference held hours after the nomination was announced, Rousseff said she was seeking economic balance and control of inflation with this move.

“The arrival of President Lula da Silva to this ministry is important and relevant. First of all, he brings invaluable political experience. Second, he has deep knowledge of the country’s needs and a commitment to the strategic policies we need to take,” she added.

Rousseff vowed on Wednesday that the appointment would bring Lula’s experience and political knowledge to the government.

She also confirmed that the former president will seek to bring financial stability to Brazil, “a compromise … which he acted upon during the eight years of his government.”

This move comes amid mounting legal worries for Lula as he is facing charged of money laundering and obstruction of justice.

Last week, a Sao Paulo judge handed over Lula’s case to federal judge Sergio Moro, who is overseeing the sweeping corruption investigation into Petrobras.

Video Courtesy:Telam Enditem

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