British man teaches in China

John Bob from Britain is a teacher working in China.

Apart from teaching English language, the British man also works on promoting cultural exchange between China and his own country.

John Bob is an English teacher in a university in Nanning, southwest China’s Guangxi Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region.

He have been staying in China for almost three years. He says it’s the country’s enormous changes over the past decade that attracted him to come here for work and life.

“At time I was working in London, and after many years working in London, I want to see the different, so I decided become a teacher, I knew people who come to China previously, and we really enjoy that experience, so they recommended to come here, and here I am.”

Bob’s job is not limited to language teaching. He also works on promoting cultural exchange between China and Britain.

In 2014, more than 6,000 British students came to China, a notable increase from previous years.

By the end of 2014, a total of 150,000 Chinese had studied in Britain.

Bob says the increasing education exchange helps promote cultural cooperation between the two countries.

“Lots of students going study abroad. I’ve taught a lots of students who learn English, for they take exam and go to study in different places, US, UK, Australia, New Zealand. And I think cooperation is good, and I think lots of students will go to other countries and they study and come back with knowledge and experience that will enrich and help China.”

As an English teacher, Bob is also interested in Chinese culture and his two children are learning Chinese.

Talking about China’s Confucius Institute in overseas countries, Bob says it should be viewed as a cultural exchange instead of cultural invasion.

“If teachers go and learn Mandarin, it’ s really a good thing. Everybody open the point of view. I think if somebody is not happy about it. Maybe they can be educated to see the positives of this, and what’ s wrong with people learning about culture. If you’re willing to go and share, why not? ”

Bob plans to stay in China for the next five years.

he says China will map out the new five-year plan and he also has his own five-year plan.

“5 years was my plan. Just education, just working, travelling, enjoying China.”

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