Britons expect China-UK ties to grow further

During President Xi’s visit to the UK, the two countries lifted their ties to “a global comprehensive strategic partnership for the 21st century”.

And they also agreed that “this visit opens a golden era in China-UK relations featuring enduring, inclusive and win-win cooperation.”

A large number of commercial deals signed during the visit are expected to help secure the upgraded relationship, as Britain has been trying to woo investment from the world’s second largest economy.

Centering on investment, infrastructure and innovation, those deals totalled almost 40 billion pounds, or 62 billion U.S. dollars.

The deals will bring job opportunities to Britain and also meet the needs of Chinese enterprises to explore new business opportunities.

Analysts say as the global economy faces uncertainties, Xi’s visit indicates that collaboration between China and Britain in economy, culture and other fields has been getting closer than ever.

They say it’s not only good for the two countries, but also for Europe and other parts of the world, and will bring strong vigor into global economic recovery.

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