Bruce Lee: also a man of letters

Though Kung-Fu has long found its way to various English dictionaries, it was Bruce Lee who made the Chinese words an American household vocabulary.
Born 27th Nov. 75 years ago, the martial arts maestro first propagated the Chinese combating techniques and tactics through his Jun Fan Gung Fu teachings. He soon found a more articulate way to disseminate the Tao of martial arts, and that was through his Kung-Fu movies.
For most, Bruce Lee was a man of martial arts. But he was also a man of letters.
The Chinese-American was well-read and kept a large library full of books about Kung-Fu and literary and philosophical publications. He also wrote poems himself.
It was his insistence that the terminology of Kung-Fu was used in the stead of martial arts in his teachings and filmmakings.
The result after 75 years: more and more people throughout the world know Kung-Fu from Bruce Lee and not from dictionaries.
Now we even have a Kung-Fu Panda!

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