Buenos Aires gov’t works with NGO to promote electronics recycle

The city government of Buenos Aires in July promoted a new campaign to recycle electronics with the help of a non-governmental organization (NGO) in a bid to make the city greener.

(Soundbite) CECILIA ALLEN, Staffer of Environmental Protection Agency
“We pulled off this month a campaign for receiving electronic wastes, so that people can make proper disposal of their equipments at home, including small appliances, apparatus, computers and communication facilities.”

Buenos Aires started an electronics recycle program in 2013. Over 51,000 pieces of scrapped electronics have been collected ever since.
The new campaign builds on the old one, with more collecting spots over the city.

(Soundbite) LUIS DIAZ, Staffer of NGO Recycling Labor and Dignity
“They are our companions. Some of them cart here their belongings under the sun, in the rain, or even against the cold. Furthermore, recycling provides jobs to a lot of people.”

The collected electronic wastes are transferred to the NGO Recycling Work and Dignity, which is officially franchised to handle them.

(Soundbite) Cecilia Allen, Staffer of Environmental Protection Agency
“The idea is to offer people, the residents of Buenos Aires, a chance to get in the teams of recycling the electronic things to be discarded. One knows that he should not just throw them away as garbage. We give him the opportunity to take them to an appropriate destination.”

While the recycle program has saved plenty of electronic wastes, the government still calls for more efforts to build a greener society, as Argentina reportedly generates 290,000 tons of electronic wastes a year.

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