Buenos Aires holds responsible consumer forum

Diagonal Sur, in the center of Buenos Aires, is a space to raise awareness and spread the message about sustainable consumption.

Each Sunday, it hosts the Responsible Consumption Fair, in which independent entrepreneurs showcase their wares under a “green” theme.

Citizens keen on buying products with a very minimal environmental impact go from stand to stand, enjoying the creativity shown by artisans, working with recycled, reused, organic or chemical-free products, a new and educative experience for many consumers.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) Leonardo Caruzzo, Organizer of the Responsible Consumption Fair
“We see that people are highly interested. In Europe and other parts of the world, this concept may be better developed. However, it is still an emergent culture. We do notice a lot of interest from numerous people, who are surprised to see a glass recycled from a bottle or bags recycled from industrial waste. That is when they see how they can begin to all take part in this movement.”

Designers and young artists began this initiative four years ago after receiving encouragement from the government of the city of Buenos Aires.

They seek to encourage social inclusion and to involve people outside the standard economic system, such as waste collectors, who reuse the materials they receive every day and create an added value to their work.

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