Buenos Aires Taxi Drivers Protest Against Uber Operation

Dozens of drivers packed their taxis on Avenida de Mayo, a main street of Buenos Aires, on April 15 to protest against the unfairness brought about by Uber, the ride-sharing service.

(Soundbite) Taxi Driver
“The thing about Uber is not only a feeling, but a reality affecting thousands of workers, who on daily basis gather sustenance for their families and children. These companies come and apply a policy where they do not respect the laws of the city of Buenos Aires, absolutely no respect for anything.”

Uber officially started to operate in the capital city on April 12, immediately generating a wide debate within the unions of traditional cabbies, who indicated that Uber drivers did not have professional registration, and pay no taxes and insurance.

(Soundbite) Taxi Driver
“Uber comes with unfair competition at this time. We are with a plan of struggle by workers. 36,000 families are left almost without work by this issue. It is not regulated, and unfeasible.”

Buenos Aires justice temporarily suspended Uber operation on April 13, following a complaint of the Union of Laborers of Taxis of the Federal Capital.

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