Bustling Olympic Boulevard further lifts spirit and hope in Rio

The Olympic Boulevard has become an alternative recreation venue, for those who do not have tickets for the ongoing 2016 Games in Rio de Janeiro.

(Soundbite) JONATAN SANTOS, Banking Staffer
“I am surprised, because I live in Rio but not expecting this. It is sensational. Rio is making the biggest Olympics of history, for sure.”

Located on the waterfront in central Rio, the boulevard hosts games, leisure sports and artistic activities free to the public during the Olympic Games from August 5 to 21 and the Paralympics from September 7 to 18.

(Soundbite) MARIA CRISTINA, Housewife
“A little messy, but rather nice. We have no mishaps, and we ate our lunch without problems. It is very cool really.”

Once a deserted section, the urban area has been transformed into a hotspot that attracts local joy seekers as well as tourists.

(Soundbite) IGOR SANTOS, Public Servant
“I think we can bring back the urban union and harmony among people, who are going through many difficulties, especially in the current crisis of the country and the city. We live in this situation with a lot of violence. I think I can find some hope.”

The Games were opened one week ago in Rio, as the Senate prepares to impeach the country’s suspended president and the largest economy in Latin America has been undergoing its worst economic recession in decades.

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