Can Asian Mandela’s widow shed ray of sunshine again?

The wife of a former South Korean president responsible for forging closer ties with North Korea is in Pyongyang.
Her name is Lee Hee-ho.
And it’s hoped her visit will help thaw a freeze in ties between her country and its northern neighbor.
But the question is, can it?
Ninety two-year-old Lee is the widow of former South Korean president Kim Dae-jung.
Kim is known as the Nelsen Mandela of Asia and is a Nobel Prize laureate for his Sunshine Policy.
The policy saw a rapproachment with both countries on the Korean peninsula.
No one is expecting a duplicate of the 2000 North-South summit facilitated by Lee’s husband.
But direct dial phone and fax lines have been set for Madam Lee visit in Pyongyang.
The lines will facilitate calls and messages directly between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the North’s offical name, and South Korea during and after Lee’s visit.
Observers are waiting to behold a reportedly planned meeting between top DPRK leader Kim Jong Un and Madam Lee.
It could be what brings the two countries closer together.
One key area of discussion could likely be something both countries share:
The liberation of the Korean peninsula from Japanese occupation 70 years ago.

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