Car bomb hits aden security chief’s house, 8 killed in the 2nd failed assassination

An explosives-laden car struck the home of the security chief of Yemen’s southern port city of Aden on Sunday, killing eight people.

The security chief survived the attack unharmed.

On Sunday, a vehicle loaded with explosives struck the main gate of the residential building of Aden’s security chief, Brigadier Shalal Ali Shayea, leaving eight people dead.

The bombing followed by exchange of heavy gunfire.

A spokesman for Aden’s local government confirmed that the security chief survived the attack unharmed, but eight bodyguards and the suicide bomber were killed in the blast.

No group has claimed responsibility for the second failed assassination attempt against Aden’s security chief.

Last month, the Islamic State claimed the assassination of Aden’s former governor along with six of his bodyguards after a bomb struck his vehicle.

The port city of Aden, Yemen’s temporary capital, has been witnessing a state of chaos and lawlessness for months resulted in the assassination of Aden’s governor, several security officers and judges.

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