Caterpillars rain down from the sky in SW China

On the road, on the cars… Caterpillars have been raining down from the sky in this neighborhood in Chengdu, southwest China’s Sichuan Province.

Guojielou Street looks no different from other communities in the city. But despite the heat, the creepy creatures have kept local residents away from the shade of trees.

SOUNDBITE: Tang Changliang, Local resident
“There weren’t so many of them in the past years. But this year, many caterpillars were falling from the sky. It makes us feel itchy when it lands on our skin.”

SOUNDBITE: ZHANG TINGHONG, Staff of local forestry department
“It’s quite out of the ordinary. These caterpillars are the lava of lackey moth. They climb up the trees when it gets hot. These creatures usually turn into the moth in the summer.”

In order to keep the streets clean, local forestry officials have been spraying pesticide on the trees.

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