Challenges in China’s jury selection

A Supreme People’s Court report says China’s courts piloting a program that selects jurors from a pool of residents have found it difficult in some cases.

Nevertheless, the two-year pilot program has seen progress.

China’s Chief Justice Zhou Qiang on Thursday said it takes a lot of work for courts to collect candidates’ information, ask for their opinions and assess their eligibility, as there is a lack of updated information about residents or voters.

Zhou added a large proportion of candidates are reluctant to serve as jurors.

Meanwhile, in certain areas, it is difficult for jurors to participate because of transportation.

Nevertheless, since its launch last year, the pilot program has seen progress.

By the end of April this year, 50 courts in 10 provincial regions had selected more than 13,000 jurors.

They had participated in hearings concerning some 74,000 cases.

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