Chery pins on localization to expand share in auto market of Brazil

250 units a month for a certain type, this is the speed that Chery commands to enhance its presence in Brazil.
Chery started to operate its factory in Sao Paulo in 2014, and its annual production capacity now climbs up to 50,000 units.
(Soundbite) LUIZ CURY, Executive VP of Chery Brazil
“The press praised our car. It deserves to be proven, and it deserves to be tested. This is our strategy to convince the Brazilian public of our quality.”
As China’s major automobile exporter, Chery was the first to invest in the largest economy of Latin America.
(Soundbite) THOMAS WONG, President of Chery Brazil
“Competition is rising. We have no choice but get rooted in our target markets. To become rooted, localization is a must.”
According to official statistics, Chinese brands account for only 1 percent of the 30,000 motor vehicles sold in Brazil on annual basis.
Such a ratio doesn’t deplore Chery, but beefs up its ambition to grow and expand.
(Soundbite) THOMAS WONG, President of Chery Brazil
“Cars manufactured in Brazil will not only be sold in the local market. More will be exported to other South America markets. It is a general strategy of ours.”

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