Child knocked down by car, sent to hospital for treatment

A mother was walking across the street with her child, last Tuesday in Yunnan Province, when the child ran through the crosswalk. Unfortunately, a car was driving by and knocked the baby down, running over her left leg in the process.
Thankfully, with the help of fellow pedestrians, the driver carefully moved the car away from the child. Fortunately, the driver drove slowly and slammed on the brakes in time. Thanks to  emergency relief, although the baby’s muscles in her left leg were injuried, the bone wasn’t broken.
Police speculated that the driver wasn’t allowing pedestrians the right-of-way when he made his left turn. At the same time, the mother failed to take responsibility of the child when they were walking across the street, so both sides should take on equal responsibility in this incident. However the driver did pay for the child’s medical bills.

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