Children camp in southern Caracas for fun and education

Children camp in southern Caracas for fun and education

(Nat Sound: Children Jumping at Art Attack)

In the searing weather of summer holiday, children in Caracas have a place to find recreation and fun: the campsite called Shangri-la.

(Soundbite) Luis Quintero, Camp Coordinator
“We have many activities every day, but we are known for our themed weeks, when the activities are focused on specific topics. For example, we have art weeks, weeks of Hollywood, weeks Olympic, medieval weeks and weeks of animals.”

The camp was opened to provide exercise and education, just for the future of Venezuela.

(Soundbite) Astrid El Masri, Camp Coordinator
“Our main goal is to make kids smile and offer a vacation they can remember for the rest of the time. We want to convey values and principles, apart from all the fun by a very cool way.”

Kids are classified by age and gender, with nicknames after animals, like “foxes,” “butterflies,” “alligators” and “squirrels.”

(Soundbite) Luis Quintero, Camp Coordinator
“We believe that today the Venezuelan society needs some culture. These values I think we have lost a bit. Today more than ever, I think we should be united.”

The camp will last two months until mid-September, when the summer vacation is almost over.

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