Children enjoy life under shelter tents in quake-affected Ecuador

Some joy is regained for the under-age victims in Portoviejo, capital city of Province Manabi along the Pacific coast.

This is one and a half months after the 7.8-magnitude temblor devastated Ecuador and killed over 660 people on April 16.

(Soundbite) Osiris Saltos Clavijo, Displaced Child
“Now I am here and free most of the time. I do not want to watch TV, only playing the old games, like flying kite, playing balls, bowling and spinning with my friends.”

Other joys can’t be regained in the short term, especially family and school life, as destructed houses need time to be reconstructed.

(Soundbite) Mariela Clavijo, Osiris’ Mother
“The day after the earthquake, if I had not been injured, I would have gone to rescue my mom. She was trapped and last Wednesday my mom died. I can’t see her any more. I can’t bear it.”

However, childhood under temporary shelters may still be something worth of relishing.

(Soundbite) Shirley Chansing, Social Worker
“All families have their schedules. In the morning everyone gets up, washes and eats breakfast. After that we have various kinds of activities for any individual and with characteristics.”

During the quake, 560 schools were affected, and 166 of them suffered serious damage.

UNICEF has been working with the government and other organizations to assist the most vulnerable population, including restoring education facilities.

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