Children in Brazil’s ghetto educated about Olympic values

Lion Ginga, mascot of the Brazilian delegation for the 2016 Olympics, spirited up the children in the ghetto community of Morro da Mangueira in central Rio de Janeiro on March 23.
This was part of the government’s efforts to educate the under-privileged young about sports and the Olympic Games at community level.

(Soundbite) MARIANA FERREIRA, Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB)
“The goal of the COB project is to bring the community some Olympic values… It sounds like cliché, but Brazil is the country of football, and with this project and experience we want to make some difference.”

The children became exhilarated about having direct contact with professional equipment and high-level coaches for golf, fencing and rugby during the event.

(Soundbite) VICTORIA, 14-year-old trainee
“We are always together for training on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Children of different ages mingled to practice their sporting ability, which strengthened their friendship and foresaw the heat of the games scheduled for August.

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