Chile becomes second LatAm country to get parkour course

Measuring around 400 square meters, the new parkour course within the Patricio Mekis complex in the city of Racagua allows youngsters and teenagers to show up their agility and prowess. This is the first parkour course in Chile and the second in all of Latin America. It was financed by the municipality but was built by the very athletes who will make use of it.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) Matias Gutierrez, parkour athlete
“It is important to note that not only parkour can be practised here. It is also made for climbing, slacklinign and many other sports that can share this space as well.”

Parkour is a physical sport based around getting between two points in the fastest way possible, by climbing over any obstacles such as fences and railings, and adapting the body to overcome any barrier.

The first parkour course in the region was opened in the Argentinean capital of Buenos Aires a few days ago.

The Chilean course saw one of the world’s leading parkour athletes, Daniel Ilabaca, travel from the UK to attend as one of the foremost ambassadors for the sport.

Over 300 young people from all over Chile and around 80 foreigners, from the likes of the US, the UK, Japan, Russia, China, and Argentina were also in attendance.

Parkour is currently rapidly rising in popularity around the world as a form of sport and movement. The opening of the course in Chile is likely to quickly lift its profile in the country.

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