Chile seeking to boost exports to China

China has now become the main destination for Chilean exports, which are dominated by natural resources such as copper, although foodstuffs are taking up a rising share.

The sustained growth of the Chinese economy has generated a growing demand for agricultural and fishery produce, consolidating the country as a global buyer. In 2014 alone, bilateral trade between Chile and China topped 34 billion U.S. dollars.

Chile, considered a growing global food producer, has now made China the third largest destination for its food and drinks, only topped by the U.S. and Japan.

(SOUNDBITE, Spanish) – Luis Vial, President of Chilenuts
“Overall, the dry fruit market is the most important, especially nuts, although hazelnuts are growing as well. In the dehydrated fruit segment, dehydrated plums are the biggest exporter. This market has been going up and down but it is a reliable source of income for Chile.”

The government and agricultural businesses have driven a national agenda to diversify the produce and exports of the country’s agricultural sector as the best way to boost commerce with China.
The visit to Chile in 2015 by Chinese Premier Li Keqiang contributed to boosting trade and commerce perspectives between the countries. Since then, Chilean authorities and businessman have expressed their desire to welcome new Chinese investments, especially in infrastructure and investment.

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