Chile to open unique site in LatAm for cosmos observation and experience

Chile is preparing to open Latin America’s unique site for interactive experience of astronomy in late 2017.

(Soundbite) Orieta Rojas, Director of MIM.
“We are to open in late 2017, and we are announcing far in advance, because it is a long-developing project. This is the second year we have been working on this project and seen a real growth of 10% (of exhibition area).”

The Space Universe project has 50 modules facilitating observation and understanding of the universe, in the Mirador Interactive Museum (MIM) in Santiago.
It occupies 700 square meters of display area at an investment of 2 million U.S. dollars.

(Soundbite) Orieta Rojas, Director of MIM.
“This is one embodiment that is characteristic of the museum. It is interactive, but not contemplative. You do not come to observe, but to interact, to touch and to entertain in a playful manner and independently.”

The government expects the project to boost astronomical research and observation in the country and promote access of children, youth and their families to educational experiences.

(Soundbite) Orieta Rojas, Director of MIM.
“It is you who guides your own tour. The 700 square meters are only dedicated to this topic. In Latin America today, there is no such space, and dare we say few in the world.”

With this upcoming initiative, the museum will also strengthen the country’s status as one of the main astronomical tourism destinations in the world.

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